This exhibition was The Craig Gallery in Dartmouth NS in Fall 2018.

Scratch & Sniff Menu
is a translation of the food related memories generously shared during interviews by people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The foods recalled during these interviews were recreated, photographed, and printed using scratch and sniff technology to explore the power of olfactory prompting as a means of memory retrieval.   

In partnership with Berkeley Halifax, a charming group of residents were invited to discuss their favourite foods. Although it was difficult for these individuals to access some details of their lives, during our discussions (aided by my Betty Crocker cookbook collection and oodles of jam thumbprint cookies), they began to recall some vivid memories — all the while bragging about their mothers’ wonderful cooking.

Thank you to anna sprague, Katie Nakaska, Jayme Spinks, Joshawa Lamkey, Luke Mohan, Abby Bent and to Arts Nova Scotia for their support.

Foot-shaped shag carpets on display were handmade by Helah Cooper.