For Ruth

During my Grandmother’s long struggle with Alzheimer's disease, the senses and rituals associated with food preparation persisted as her link to a fading past. These shared home-cooked meals not only bridged my Grandmother to her own slowly deteriorating memories, they have become the inherited values that continue to connect my family to our memories of her — we feel her presence in the wafting scents of roasted chicken dinners and freshly baked scottish shortbread cookies. This series of photographs depicts some of my Grandmother’s favourite foods as recalled to me by my Father.

These images are the first iteration of a larger body of work that explores the power of olfactory prompting as a means of memory retrieval. For this project, I will be translating the information generously shared by people with Alzheimer’s disease during interviews about food memories into a printed matter series that will use scratch and sniff printing technology.

This series will be on display at the Craig Gallery, Dartmouth NS in September 2018.

Thank you to Arts Nova Scotia, Katie Nakaska, and anna sprague.