Colour Block Workshop

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Colour Block Workshop is a line of modern quilts. They are handmade with care in my studio, with my mighty sewing machine, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I source and up-cycle vintage wool blankets to use as an alternative to cotton batting and to inspire my colour palettes. Wool is incredibly warm, resilient, and naturally antibacterial β€” perfectly cozy and great for low maintenance washing. The quilts are currently available in two sizes and in a selection of one-of-a-kind designs.

Sizes, Pricing
& Custom Orders

Throw Sized Quilt  40" x 60" | $240
Baby/Crib Quilt  30" x 40" | $120

Custom quilts are available in the two sizes described above. Get in touch to tell me about your dream quilt and colour palette, and I’ll sew it into reality! Additional charge of $40 for custom creations.

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Care Instructions

Just like your favourite and loved wool items, this blanket should avoid being over-washed. Over-washing wool can break down the fibres and protective, naturally occurring oils. For regular maintenance, I recommend spot cleaning, shaking and hanging in the fresh air, and brushing. Often a little ventilation is all wool needs to feel fresh.
If the blanket is due for a deeper cleaning, use a wool-friendly detergent and use a cold, gentle or hand wash cycle, then lay flat to dry. Store this blanket in a tightly sealed bin or bag. I love to store mine with cedar to repel any pests, and for its lovely scent.