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I am an artist of all sorts and arts educator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia



Artist Statement

Much like Jell-O, my work is playful and bright with jiggly elusive boundaries, and will often leave residue on the surfaces it touches.


I use humour, food, and the five senses as tool for seduction and as conduits to the underlying cultural curiosities that fuel my work. Immersive environments, cleverness, playful design, and obsessive material investigation are the ingredients keep me creatively full and satiated as an artist.

My practice spills out beyond what is commonly considered to be “the work,” slopping over the brim of any one medium and pooling into the des(s)erted nooks and crannies that surround it. The deep consideration that I give to all of the elements that frame my work stems from my belief that elements such as the exhibition invitation holds as much aesthetic and conceptual value as the show it promotes, and that the seating design is often as important as the video it faces. I treat my wide-ranging practice as if I am a chef with my fingers dipped lovingly in every pot, diligently tasting each digit for conceptual parallels and unexpected flavour pairings